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 Mr.Cool test results

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Konstantinos Zorbas


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PostSubject: Mr.Cool test results   Sat Jul 24, 2010 1:59 pm

They was very nice duels.
In the first i was better and won.
In2nd he was better and won.
And in the third duel his spell cards helped a lot to make him win. But his strategy too was very good.
Here is the score:

  1. Win The Duel: 15/20
    Good Strategy: 7/10
    Awaraness: 7/10
    40 Cards Deck: 10/10
    Know The Rules: 18/20 (i not ever put 20/20 in this)
    Deck's Dome: 7/10
    Duelist's Skills: 17/20

Total: 81/100

You Are In Ra Dorm

Obelisk Blue: 90-100
Ra Yellow: 70-89
Slifer Red: 0-69
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Mr.Cool test results
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